• Marie Richards

Equine Photography - How to Take Great Photos of Your Horse

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It’s not a secret that I believe horses to be the most magnificent animal on our planet, and I know thousands of fellow equestrians would agree with me. It's therefore not a surprise that I would combine two of the loves of my life - horses and photography - into equine photography.

I'm often asked what is required to photograph horses, so I have provided a few simple tips for you to get started on taking the best equine photography images of your horse possible.


A decent DSLR and a telephoto lens of at least 135mm will be ample. The pincushion distortion a telephoto lens creates works very well on horse motifs and will make the horse look more compact and elegant. For professional equine photography I use and recommend:

Canon 135mm f/2.0: This lens is perfect for portraits of a horse and its owner. It produces a really nice bokeh, is fast and pin sharp. Canon 70-200mm f/2.8: This is my go to lens for just about everything else. It's super fast, especially for horses in movement as this lens has more flexibility than the prime 135mm lens. Canon 5D Mark II, III, IV or 1DX: As a professional the camera body is as important as the lens. For an equine photo session you’ll need a fast camera, a good noise performance (especially when shooting action motifs in bad weather) and, of course, a fine sensor for high quality images.

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