I started photographing horses while living on 300 acres with 70 horses roaming in natural herds.  I would wander the hills observing their lives, captivated by the power of these magnificent animals.  I was forever changed by them as much as the land I walked on.  

What I love about equine photography and being with these beasts of love is they always show me who they are.  And they actually reveal to me who I really am.  I feel very blessed and humbled  they allow me to capture them as they simply BE within their Universe. 

While previously being Woodhill Sands official photographer, I have covered all the equestrian disciplines - show jumping, dressage, cross country and pony club rings, submitting my images to Horse & Pony Magazine.  In spite of this I prefer to call myself a freestyle equine photographer, photographing horses in more natural environments, both with and without their beloved owners.  When I am in their world, there is peace and I feel free.   

I'm also a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer, travelling throughout NZ as requested.  I am an imperfect perfectionist who delights in seeing the world in pictures as I photograph the beauty within it.  I have empathy and compassion, am sensitive, yet fun and engaging.  

I live in Tuakau, rural Auckland, with my rescue dog Rosie and my horse Chrissy.  

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